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Tiles and natural stone are some of the most beautiful looking options when designing a space, especially your home. But unfortunately, they come with some cleaning challenges.

Let’s first understand why tiles get so dirty, even despite regular house cleaning? It is caused by dirt, dust, and other contaminants that frequently get trapped into the grout and tiles. This causes them looking darkened. Mildew is another common factor leading to darkening of grout. Mildew is black in colour and thrives in damp areas, especially bathrooms. If left untreated for an extended time, it can erode grouting, and the worst of all, it could lead to the need of a regrout.

We are sure you have tried cleaning your tiles, mopping, applying harsh chemicals, tile cleaners, or maybe used a toothbrush. Sorry to break this to you, but harsh cleaners may only seem like they are doing the job. On closer observation, you will notice that they are in fact stripping away the sealant. This could further open the tiles and allow dirt to penetrate even deeper. What’s worse is that these harsh chemicals are not healthy to expose to young children and pets.

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Our Processes:

Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning

To deep clean your tiles and grout, we use high pressure extraction and scrubbing machines. We always use hot water and environmentally-friendly degreasers with absolutely no harsh acids, strippers or any smelly chemicals. Our team will safely remove any built up dirt and grime and will restore your tile and grout to their original sparkling finish.  

Grout Haze Cleaning

Grout haze is a semi-white film that is often left on the surface of the tile after grouting. The only way to remove this haze is through professional cleaning – home methods simply won’t cut it. At Tile Solution, we use a combination of multiple profession-grade and non-harsh chemicals in the right concentration to react with the grout and remove it easily. We then clean the area with our indoor tile steam-cleaning process.

At Tile Solutions, we have a professional tile cleaning and restoration team that can help you anywhere in Victoria. We provide a variety of services including tile grinding and polishing, tile sealing, regrouting, caulking, bathroom restorations, pool restorations, and high pressure cleaning in Melbourne.

We do not use any harsh chemicals, and always make sure that our services are environment-, children- and pet-safe, because we care for your wellbeing. We offer the best prices and our team is extremely qualified and experienced.

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