Grinding and Polishing

Tile Grinding and Polishing helps achieve a smooth and professional looking finish for your tiled floors, concrete floors and bench tops.

Tile Grinding

This is the first step in the Grinding and Polishing process. It removes damaged or impaired surface material, whilst limiting the amount of additional surface deformation. The goal is to achieve a plain surface with minimal damage. If there is any damage caused, don’t worry. The experts at Tile Solutions will correct this during the polishing process. The tile grinding process involves the use of abrasive particles, and consists of two steps.

Plane Grinding

The first step in the grinding process that helps ensure all surfaces of the specimen are similar in size. This is necessary despite the initial condition or the previous treatment that the tiles have been subjected to.

Fine Grinding

The second & last step in the process, with the aim of producing a plain surface with minimal deformation. For this, the experts at Tile Solutions use hard composite disks with diamond grains. These disks are abrasive and guarantee a uniform removal of material from hard & soft phases. Worry not, there is absolutely no smearing of soft phases or chipping of brittle phases. All specimens will have perfect planeness.

Grinding and polishing residential

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Tile Polishing

Any damage that takes place during the grinding process is rectified here. This is achieved by using multiple steps, each of which uses finer abrasive particles. The polishing process takes place in two parts.

Diamond Polishing

Diamonds are popularly used as an abrasive. Why? Because they are the fastest at material removal and consistently produce the best possible planeness. No other abrasive available on the market can produce the high quality results that diamond can. Their hard texture helps cut through all materials.

Oxide Polishing

Certain materials, especially those that are soft in nature, require a final polish. For this, we use oxide polishing. It helps achieve a great finish for your floors, leaving you with beautiful looking flooring. With a combination of chemical activity and fine, gentle abrasion, oxide polishing produces scratch and deformation-free specimens.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete flooring is a relatively new and environmentally-friendly flooring option. For concrete, grinding and polishing is the process of grinding the concrete until it is completely flat, and then smoothing it to produce a hard and reflective finish. In recent years, this flooring option has been common in retail and commercial spaces and in rooms of the home including the garage, kitchen and basement. Polished concrete floors are slip resistant, cost effective, low maintenance, durable and very aesthetically pleasing.

Surfaces that can be polished include:

» Natural Marbles – Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, and some Quartzites

» Engineered Stones – Caesarstone, Terrazzo, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, Smartstone, and Hanstone

» Natural Granite

» Concrete

At Tile Solutions, we provide all kinds of tile restoration and cleaning services, including tile grinding and polishing, tile sealing, regrouting, caulking, bathroom restorations, pool restorations, and high pressure cleaning in Melbourne.

We offer the best prices, and everyone on our team is extremely qualified and experienced. The products used while tile cleaning and polishing are environment, child and pet friendly. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority and we use cutting-edge technology for the best results.

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