If the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom are looking old or dingy, we recommend that you consider regrouting. 

Grout is the material that is used to fill in the spaces between tiles. Regrouting is the removal of old grout and the installation of new grouting. Regrouting is typically a cheaper option than installing new tiles and can provide amazing results to make the room look brighter and give it a new look. 

Why is regrouting necessary? Over time, grout begins to deteriorate and discolour. Missing, cracked, or loose grout is one of the most common causes of leaks, water damage, mould and mildew in a tiled area. Fixing these issues can be expensive, but regrouting from Tile Solution is extremely cost effective. 

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The tile grout repair process carried out by our expert team typically involves multiple steps. Regrouting is often seen as simply covering up old grout, but we do not recommend that alone. Regrouting on top of old grout is not a long term solution and unfortunately the new grout will eventually flake off. To make things worse, if the old grout has mould, it will spread to the new one. That is why we at Tile Solution do not recommend only this. We want to give you lasting and cost-effective results.

The steps we take when regrouting are:

1. Grinding all of the old grout away with a grinder and by hand for hard to reach places.

2. Cleaning up the grout lines to ensure that they are straight and even.

3. Vacuuming any dust and debris.

4. Applying the new grout in your choice of colour and brand.

5. Cleaning the area and ensuring it looks perfect.

After fresh grout has been applied, we strongly recommend that you look into sealing it in. For more information, please refer to our page on sealing of tiles and floor grout

At Tile Solutions, our services including tile restoration and cleaning, tile grinding and polishing, tile sealing, caulking, bathroom and pool restorations, and high pressure cleaning in Melbourne. We offer the best prices and our team is extremely qualified and experienced.

We do not use any harsh chemicals, and always make sure that our services are environment-, children-, and pet-safe, because we care for your wellbeing.

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