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When a tiled area begins to look old and dingy, before you give in and install new tile, you should consider simply re-grouting the area. Provided the tiles themselves are in good condition and are still solidly adhered, regrouting the tile will make the entire installation look brand-new.

Grout typically begins to deteriorate and discolour over time. Missing, cracked, loose grout is the number one cause of leaks, water damage, loose tiles, mold and mildew. Cleaning tile and grout with harsh cleaners will actually decay the grout further. This makes the grout more porous and encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Once mold has penetrated the grout the only sure way to get rid of it is re-grouting.

At Tile Solution Australia, we make our re-grouting service a simple and cost effective solution to restore your tiled area to its original beauty. Grout and re-grouting often becomes an afterthought in the world of tile. Not only will grout affect the overall look and feel of your tiles but it also plays a major role in the maintenance and longevity of your tiled area. Whether you’re choosing between grout colour, types of grout or sealer, we are here to cover all bases and help you choose the right types of grout for your application needs. Remember, with proper grout maintenance you can avoid costly water damage repairs.


Our Re-Grouting Process

A good tile surface should last for many years without problems. Eventually, however, the grout in the joints between the tiles may deteriorate or crack.

This problem cannot be corrected by applying new grout over the old because grout is an inflexible material and is not strong or durable in thin layers. Eventually the added grout will flake off and expose the deteriorated material below. To correct the problem, the old grout must be removed before applying the new grout. At Tile Solution Australia, when re-grouting, we do everything we can to ensure that the new grout is applied properly to last longer.

Our Re-grouting Process:

  • First, we grind away the old grout.
  • We clean up the grout lines.
  • We remove the remaining grout manually.
  • Vacuum any dust or debris.
  • Apply the new grout.
  • Make sure that the grout lines are filled properly without any holes.
  • Finally, we remove the grout haze.

When fresh grout is applied, it is important to remember, that sealing may be required. Please refer to our Sealing page for more information.

We serve all suburbs in Victoria.

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Grout Types

If the grout lines are properly protected, the tile and grout will be easier to clean, more resistant to staining, and will provide a safer and healthier environment. Therefore, it’s important to select the correct grout when re-grouting your tile floor.

There are four basic types of grout.

  • Un-sanded Grout
  • Finely Sanded Grout
  • Quarry Type Grout
  • Epoxy Grout

Our expert technicians at Tile Solution Australia, will help you select the best type of grout for your floor.


Benefits of Re-grouting

  • Cleanliness and Hygiene.
  • Mold and Mildew prevention.
  • Aesthetic Appearance.
  • Longevity and Durability.
  • Saves you money.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Increase your property value.
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