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Marble grinding and  polishing, Re-grouting and Caulking in Melbourne CBD (Sheraton Hotel)

Marble grinding and polishing, Re-grouting and Caulking in Melbourne CBD (Sheraton Hotel)

Equipments Used: Grinding and polishing machine, Metal bond and resins, Angle grinders, Edge tools, Indoor tile cleaning machine Products Used: …
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The bathroom typically ranks as the room in the house most in need of restoration, even if kept tidy. It simply gets too much use—use that involves water. Considering what we put them through each day, bathrooms deserve special attention. Bathrooms usually get a surprising amount of wear and tear in a short period of time. Soap scum, bath oil, hair products and body soil combine forces to assault the shining surface, while tub rims, fixtures and faucets provide hiding places for moisture, mold and mildew. Put the job off and deposits harden and ossify, and mildew and mold take up residence in dark corners. At Tile Solution Australia, we offer a range of services for all your bathroom restoration needs.


Our Bathroom Restoration Services


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regular Tile and Grout cleaning by professionals not only increase the beauty and overall appearance of the bathroom, but it will also save it from wear and tear. It will help in increasing the life of your tiles. You may see mould in your bathroom and toilet. It is not only ugly but also unhygienic and it can be injurious to health. You must remove mould at the earliest if you don’t want to deal with a serious mould infestation. There are endless benefits of cleaning the tile and grout in your bathroom. Please refer to our Tile Cleaning page for more information.


Grout is best known for being used in the bathroom to seal gaps between the tiles and prevent water from seeping underneath them. This helps preserves the condition of the substrate and keep your bathroom leak-free. However, water can wear out grout and contribute to mould and mildew growth. If neglected, grout may eventually crack and cause a number of issues like broken tiles and uneven bathroom floors.Knowing when to re-grout bathroom tiles is crucial if you wish to keep your bathroom floors in good shape. You should immediately re-grout the tiles if you see that it is damaged or is too old as this can cause major problems in the long run. Please refer to our Re-grouting page for more information.

Sealing Tile and Grout Lines

It’s important to seal the grout lines and porous tiles in your bathroom with silicone to prevent moisture getting behind your tiles. If you don’t seal your grout and porous surfaces, it will absorb water, bacteria and stains. Adding a sealer protects your porous surfaces so they’re water resistant and will repel moisture and germs. Sealing the grout and porous tiles help prolong the look, texture and consistency of your bathroom floor and walls and it prevents mildew and mold. Your bathroom floors and walls will look better and last longer. Please refer to our Sealing page for more information.


Caulk is a non-porous, flexible material that adheres to the surface of building materials along a joint. Caulking creates a seal that prevents water that flows from faucets and showers from seeping into cracks and crevices. If allowed in, this water can cause damage that’s costly to repair. Knowing when to apply and replace caulking is vital in preserving the life of your bathroom by preventing mold and mildew, minimising leaks and more. Please refer to our Caulking page for more information.

Tile Repairs

Similar to any other surface, bathroom tiles can get damaged overtime. Tiles could get loosened, dislodged, chipped or cracked causing water to leak into the walls or floor space, where it can damage subfloors or lower level spaces. This can be caused by natural wear and tear, failed waterproofing, aged or damaged grout, cracks in corners, failed seals, leaking taps or leaking pipes. No matter what the cause is, most damaged tiles can be repaired or replaced individually without having to re-tile the entire bathroom. Please refer to our Tile Repairs page for more information.

Grinding and Polishing

Honed concrete and polished natural surfaces have become a very popular choice for bathroom floors. These options are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned without the need of special products. As these floors start to show marks of wear and tear, you can do a light grind and polish to give them a brand new look. If you are unhappy with the way your floor looks, you can always change the look of your surface to honed, matte, semi gloss or gloss. Please refer to our Grinding and Polishing page for more information.

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