High Pressure Cleaning


Also known as pressure washing, high pressure cleaning is a popular form of outdoor cleaning. 

This cleaning method involves the use of a high pressure spray that directs water to walls, floors, driveways, and other exterior areas of your space. It is an excellent method to remove dirt, loose paint, cobwebs, gum, and other forms of mess from the dirtiest of areas outside your home or commercial space.

This powerful technique has multiple benefits, including:

» High quality cleaning

» Reduced allergens around your space

» Environmental friendly: as it uses only water and a small amount of detergent compared to traditional cleaning methods

» Increased property value: a clean exterior has been proven to increase street appeal and property value

» Immediately visible extreme results

At Tile Solution Australia, we specialise in delivering high quality, sparkling clean and environmentally conscious results that you can depend on time and time again. When we use our high pressure cleaning technique with our specialised equipment, we are always sure to cause absolutely no damage to your property, including to delicate areas such as stone or brickwork. 

What we can clean:

» Concrete surfaces

» Driveways and footpaths

» Gutters and roofs

» Pool area

» Walls and fences 

» Exterior brick and tile:

Outdoor Cleaning High Pressure

Contact Tile Solution for all your high pressure cleaning needs, anywhere in Melbourne.

Steps for high pressure cleaning that our team follow:

1. Assessing risk: We ensure that the area to be cleaned is clear of any clutter (such as children’s toys or excessive dirt) to ensure our safety and amazing results for you.

2. Choosing the appropriate detergent: We base the appropriate dilution of detergent on factors such as the type of soil nearby, the water conditions, and the type of cleaning required.

3. Selecting the best water temperature: This depends on the type of surface to be cleaned, the type of detergent used, and the dilution levels of the detergent.

4. Deciding on the angle and force: We inspect the area to be cleaned and determine which angle and level of impact and force will be best used to ensure all dirt is removed without causing any damage.

5. Calculating the length of time that the detergent should be in contact with the dirt to ensure a clean surface: Too long may cause damage to some delicate surfaces and too short may not remove all the dirt.

The team at Tile Solution have the extensive skills and product knowledge required to achieve the very best results in all your high pressure cleaning needs. You can trust in our highly qualified and certified team to clean and restore your building quickly and to an extremely high standard.

We can provide all kinds of tile restoration and cleaning services, including tile grinding and polishing, tile sealing, regrouting, caulking, and pool and bathroom restorations in Melbourne.

 Contact us today for a free quote across Victoria.

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