Repair or Restore Your Swimming Pool Tiles in Melbourne

Ensuring that your pool tiles are clean is very important – it can make your whole backyard look brand new! At Tile Solution, we’re proud to offer a variety of pool tile restoration, pool cleaning, and pool regrouting options to bring your outdoor dreams to life. As pools age, the surrounding ground begins to settle, and this can lead to some minor cracks in the pool’s walls. We have multiple options for pool tile repairs, including grout and tile cleaningsealingregrouting and tile restoration.

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Our Melbourne swimming pool restoration services include:

Grout & Tile Cleaning

We understand the importance of ensuring swimming pool tiles and grouting are clean – a dirty tile is both unhygienic and makes the pool water look dirty. Our technique for thorough pool cleaning depends on the type of tile or stone used. We recommend that you utilise our free consultations and let us figure out the technical aspect. For more information, please refer to our page on tile cleaning.

Tile Sealing

All your hard work to ensure your pool is frequently cleaned and maintained could all go to waste if your pool surroundings are not expertly sealed. Sealing makes your pool area significantly easier to clean and increases the overall quality of the pool. It is widely recommended that pools are resealed every two to three years. Our trustworthy team would love to reseal your pool and poolside area. For more information, please refer to our page on tile sealing.

Pool Regrouting

Many swimming pools are surrounded by pavers, tiles, or stone to enhance the natural beauty of this luxurious addition to your house. However, the chlorine used in many pools and the general wear and tear from such a high traffic area can lead to the necessity to re-grout. For a variety of both safety and aesthetic reasons, we recommend regrouting your pool at least every five years. We offer pool regrouting services as part of our tile repair. For more information, please refer to our page on regrouting floor tiles.

Pool Tile Repairs

For many households, the pool is a high traffic area. As a result, the tiles can be damaged over time. Common damages include loosening, cracking, or slight movements. This may be due to usual wear and tear, excess water, or algae/bacteria growth. No matter the cause, Tile Solution is able to repair or replace individual tiles around your pool.

Installing & Replacing Expansion Joints

A pool expansion joint is the gap between where the deck ends and the pool begins. It is made of a sealant, such as caulk, and ensures that the pool and deck materials can both move or expand slightly without damaging each other. After prolonged use, these joints can stain, wear out, rip, or separate from the edge of tiles.

At this point, your pool expansion joints require immediate replacements to ensure that no water enters under the tile’s surface (which may cause efflorescence). Our highly skilled team is able to install or replace pool expansion joints quickly and easily anywhere around Victoria. Refer to our page on caulking for more information.

Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is due to the salt deposits around a pool that bring moisture to surrounding surfaces. After the moisture evaporates, what’s left is a chalky white powder visible on the surface of tile, grout, stone and concrete. Efflorescence could either be a cosmetic issue or it could be due to a major structural issue with the pool tiling.

At Tile Solution, our team is equipped with the latest high-quality tools and products to quickly and easily remove efflorescence without damaging any of the surrounding tiles.

Acid Washing

Acid washing is done by using a highly concentrated acid-based cleaner that dissolves rust, hard water stains and algae build-up. Acid washes are more than just a clean; they actually remove a thin outer layer of the pool’s plaster. This removes stains, algae and dirt; leaving you with a fresh and clean looking pool. We recommend acid washing when your pool water begins looking murky or green/black in colour, or about every five to seven years.

Grinding & Polishing of Pool Floors

For an intense pool tile restoration, we recommend grinding and polishing your pool floors. This provides a brand new look to your pool, and you have the choice to either keep the same finish or change the look to either honed, matte, semi-gloss, or gloss. For more information, please refer to our page on grinding and polishing.

Swimming Pool Tile & Grout Repair/Restoration in Melbourne. Why Us?

Tile Solution is here to help you with your pool restoration. Contact us today for a free quote and advice on what pool restoration services are needed. Our services expand across Victoria, so we are here for you.

Please note: We do not use any harsh chemicals, and always make sure that our services are environment-, children-, and pet-safe, because we care for your wellbeing. We offer the best prices and our team is extremely qualified and experienced.

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